Outsource your monthly design needs – an alternative to hiring an in-house designer​

Who is this for?

If you are a company or agency that needs extra help with your design needs on a monthly basis but don’t want to hire an in-house, full-time designer, I’m your gal. If we’ve already worked together and I know your brand, just shoot me an email. If we haven’t been introduced, please fill out a project inquiry form!

Why hire on retainer?

  • Plan your project deadlines with peace of mind with guaranteed amount of prioritized work each month.
  • Discounted rates compared to my normal hourly rate
  • Easy accounting with one invoice billed per month


Retainers are based on a discounted hourly rate. Why? Simply, it’s a win-win for both of us. It saves you time and it’s guaranteed work coming in for me. Shoot me an email, or fill out a project inquiry form to get a quote.

What types of services are included?

Typically, retainers are for various marketing materials, one-off print pieces, or updates to existing documents. For example: various print and digital work like updates to catalogs, creation of flyers, brochures, one-sheets, one-off design projects, etc. Logo and website creation are not included. I also offer website maintenance packages to those I’ve helped with a website.

Availability & Commitment

I only take a certain amount of projects per month. If we’ve already worked together in the past, then you will take precedence over new clients. Because I am blocking out large chunks of time for you and your business in my schedule a month, a 3-month contract is required for retainer services. For new clients, or those I have never worked with, I offer the first month of retainer services with no contract to see if we enjoy working together. After that, a 3-month contract is required.

Want to book a retainer? Fill out a project inquiry form and we'll set up a time to chat