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Firefall Coffee Roasters

Firefall Coffee Roasting is nestled in the small town of Groveland, CA. It’s named after the infamous firefall event that happens every February where Yosemite Falls is seemingly lit up in a glowing red. This shop relies heavily on the tourism that passes through town on their way to Yosemite National Park. This identity redesign concept has been built upon the firsthand experience of transitioning from tourist to local in this small town and seeing how important small shops like these rely on storytelling, connecting with visitors and becoming a part of the overall park-visiting experience – “remember that coffee shop we went to five years ago on the way to Yosemite?”

The Challenge & Solution

To give Firefall Coffee Roasting a refreshing identity redesign that encompasses the event that is so wildly loved by locals and tourists alike and is attractive and memorable enough to build a line of merchandise and souveniers that tourists would want to buy in to on their vacation. An energizing color palette and bold typography makes way for eye-catching packaging and merchandise (because who doesn’t love buying souvenirs on vacation?) to stand the test of time and instill a new sense of pride and loyalty for locals and tourists alike. Visit my other Groveland business redesigns here and here

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