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Simplina believes in happy mom, happy baby. Run by Dr. Annina Burns, Simplina focuses on both the foundations of fertility to tackle infertility issues and also maintaining a healthy life after baby is born. They provide personalized, functional medicine programs, including nutrition, stress-relief, and exercise, to optimize fertility odds and give their patient’s babies the best foundation for life.

The Challenge & Solution

Simplina had a thrown together website and logo with no solid visual identity in place. It was confusing on who they served and there was a large disconnect between her warm, educated practice and the desired audience she was trying to attract (those that were ready to dive in to a well organized, highly personal program with no reservations). We created a visual identity that solves those issues by appearing safe, holistic and warm to her patients. The logo at the core is a monogram infused with lotus petals, taking on a friendly and happy shape that some might say resembles a stork. And we say all the better to that! The identity was rounded out with a eBook, business cards and photography art direction.

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